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We get it- you need to unleash your wild side. Nobody knows this better than us, trust me. That's why we specifically designed this animal skinny tie collection just for you, our fellow chimpanzee. We know that you're busy swinging on vines and eating bananas- so that's why we've done the hard work for you and designed the best range of animal skinny ties in the world and put them into one collection. So now when you've got a bit of monkey business to do, you'll know exactly where to come when you want to look the part. Whether you like flamingos, crocodiles, gorillas or foxes, we've probably got the perfect animal here to tickle your fancy. These creative animal ties pack bags of confidence to make you sir, feel larger than life- just like our 500 pound gorilla friends! If you've got a wedding, a date, a meeting or a job interview to go to, an animal skinny tie will make a wild first impression. Let our plethora of designs and colours make you feel spoilt for choice when you get suited up for your next event. However, we know that style isn't all you're after, quality is just as important too. That's why the Brothers at OTAA ensured all these animal ties were crafted by hand and tailored to perfection, to give you a level of unsurpassed quality when you swing out the door. So now that you've got a bit of monkey business at your finger tips, you can buy the best animal skinny tie to make you feel like a jungle king! 

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