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Personalised Cufflinks

OTAAs collection of personalised initial cufflinks is a standout collection that features every single letter of the alphabet in all the classic metal tones including gold, silver, rose gold and black. These personalized cufflinks have been handcrafted and polished from solid rhodium, our preferred metal of choice for cufflinks given its high resistance to corrosion and the solid feel of them. These handcrafted accessories make the ideal gift as s personalized cufflinks gift for the groom or groomsmen if your big day is around the corner. With an easy to select mechanism for deciding between which letter and which colour to go with, you'll find a standout pair of personalised wedding cufflinks for your big day. Each letter in this collection has been designed up in Melbourne by the Brothers at OTAA in an elegant text format with upper case lettering that exude sophistication. When deciding between which customised initial cufflinks to go with, select the initials of the first and last name of someone you wish to give these as a gift to or the first initial of the bride and groom if it's for someone in a wedding party.


Custom Initial Cufflinks

The Brothers at OTAA have selected a sophisticated font with lettering in upper case for this large collection of custom initial cufflinks. The font of the custom letter cufflinks combined with the traditional gold, silver, rose gold and black metal tones make this collection of custom alphabet cufflinks a standout collection. Each letter has been handcrafted from solid rhodium and polished to perfection. These custom alphabet cufflinks online can be ordered no matter where you're based in the world, meaning that you can have a solid pair of custom cufflinks for an event or a wedding in no time. With free worldwide shipping and express options available for those last minute gifts, the Brothers at OTAA have you covered on all your initial cufflink needs. This collection features all letters of the alphabet from A through to Z.

Personalized Silver & Gold Cufflinks

These solid rhodium cufflinks come in personalized silver and personalized gold. Other tones included in this collection include personalized rose gold cufflinks and personalized black cufflinks, all of which feature OTAAs signature handcrafted and hand-polished design with the classic Brothers at OTAA cufflink box packaging. When selecting each letter for these personalized silver cufflinks and personalised gold cufflinks, select the colour first. Silver, gold and rose gold are the traditional classics for formal events and weddings whereas black is great for making a statement and opting for a non-traditional choice of colour for your cufflink wear. Then it's time to select the letter. By using the drop down menu for the left and right menu, you can select each letter for your custom letter cufflinks. By the end of the selection process you'll have a pair of personalized silver, gold, rose gold or black cufflinks in the lettering of your choice to gift to yourself or to your groomsmen if your wedding is around the corner.





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