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Pink Water Elephant Skinny Tie

$35.00 AUD

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The Pink Water Elephant Skinny Tie by OTAA adds an exotic detail to your stride. Whilst it may seem that elephants and humans don’t have much in common, this simply isn’t true. Elephants are known to prefer one tusk over another, just like humans usually prefer writing with one hand over the other. The Pink Water Elephant Skinny Tie is designed to bridge the gap of understanding between elephants and humans, because after all - we’re both mammals who greet each other by shaking our hands (or trunks).


Superbly decorated with pink, light blue and navy hues, the Pink Water Elephant Skinny Tie adds an eye-catching pop of colour to your everyday styles. Luxuriously hand-stitched from a finely woven fabric, this thin tie effortlessly marries sleek style with unsurpassed quality. The Pink Water Elephant Thin Tie is textured with fine, diagonal lined details for a multifaceted appeal. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA.


Necktie Code : M650-ST6


Tie Colour : Navy Blue, Pink

Necktie Style : Animal Design


This item's measurements are

  • 150 cm length of Skinny Tie
  • 6.5 cm widest point
  • 3.5 cm narrowest point

  • Care

  • Dry clean
  • Hand made

  • Specifications

  • 100% Microfiber
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