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At OTAA we understand the importance of keeping things fresh and there's no better way to do that than with the pastel green hues of our mint skinny ties. Astoundingly elegant and impeccably tailored, our collection of mint skinny ties will have you suited up to perfection for any event you need to wear them to. Because mint green offers a delicate tone, it will undoubtedly match any suit colour and shirt of your choosing, making it one of the most versatile staples you could ever buy. So have a look through our endless array of patterns and designs to find the perfect mint thin tie for you. The Brothers at OTAA when designing this collection, made it their mission to give you an exceptional breadth of choice. That's why all these mint ties are appropriate for wearing to your lunch time meetings and your evening dinners later on. They'll be your number one-go to time, and time again, for absolutely every occasion. With florals, paisleys, polka dots, and plain to pick from, you'll be racking your brain to find a collection that's more versatile. And because we care about quality too, all these mint skinny ties are tailored to perfection and stitched individually. It's just a little gift, from us to you.