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Retro, vintage, old-fashioned; whatever you want to call it- our retro skinny ties are a blast from the past! Giving you a unique tour through the decades, this vintage skinny tie collection offers designs from the paisley 60's, vibrant 80's and even 17th century France! So no matter what your heart is telling you, we've undoubtedly got a men's tie in here that will transport you to your decade of desire. Whether it's a party, wedding or your wild weekend outing you need it for- one of our retro skinny ties will undoubtedly start conversations left, right and centre! Have a browse through our quirky space designs to have a blissful remembrance of the Neil Armstrong era. Or if you want to go even further back, our paisley designs originate from 16th century ancient Persia. That's not retro, that's heritage. Superbly tailored for the refined man, these vintage thin ties are expertly handcrafted from an abundance of cotton, linen, satin and microfibre materials. Bringing the heritage into the contemporary, The Brothers at OTAA worked tirelessly to give these retro skinny ties a cutting-edge perspective. Have a browse through our extensive range and find the perfect men's tie to take you back into the time machine!

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