Lapel Pins


Men’s Lapel Pin

Once you wear lapel pins, it’s very difficult to go back. The Brothers have carefully designed each men’s lapel pin ranging between iridescent, colourful, flower lapel pins through to luxurious, solid, metal lapel pins. The men’s lapel pin is one of those ‘cherry on top’ accessories that adds modern refinement without distracting the admirer. The intricately woven fabrics of velvet, cotton and wool into the stunning lapel flower and rose lapel pin distinguishes OTAA’s lapel pin shop. The men’s lapel flower has been delicately layered with soft, interweaved petals in striking colours and cut in elegant proportions to craft impeccable flower lapel pins for suits. Designed in Melbourne by the Brothers at OTAA, accompany your getup with suit lapel pins to express your affinity for classic accessories.


Buy Lapel Pins

‘Which horse will win the Melbourne Cup this year?’, asks one of the Brothers as he sips on his coffee and sketches lapel pins. Buy lapel pins at OTAA to distinguish yourself from the crowd and infuse a little more character when you choose your Melbourne Cup lapel pin. The trick on the day is to choose the horse that matches your lapel flower - apparently. Buying the elegant lapel flower online is made to be easy at OTAA, as finding lapel pins online can be a feat in itself. When curating their lapel pin shop, the Brothers carefully considered the easiest way to buy lapel pins online by having an all-encompassing colour and material range. Find the best lapel pins for men’s suits at OTAA and come on board with the Brothers to find the best lapel pin for your next soirée.


Best Lapel Pins

Searching far and wide for inspiration from the reaches of flower gardens in Japan to the futuristic skylines in Hong Kong, the Brothers designed the best lapel pins that affirm the traditional lapel flower but still supplement modern lapel pins. The best lapel pins are subjective, but it’s always handy to have a collection of traditional lapel pins for formal occasions and intricately detailed flower lapel pins for grand events. Whatever the occasion, never cease to choose the best lapel pins for your getups to elegantly distinguish yourself from the masses.