Tweed Skinny Ties


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Heavenly textured and remarkably robust, OTAA's collection of Tweed Skinny Ties are your best option for sophisticated winter styling. Proving that "comfortable" doesn't have to mean "drab", these warm tweed skinny ties are the perfect way to keep stylish during the cooler seasons. Impeccably styled with the label's signature eye for detail, these wool thin ties come in a fabulous range of solid, speckled, houndstooth and herringbone designs to imbue your wardrobe with a wealth of charisma. Handmade for men who appreciate the subtle elegance of tailoring, these tweed designs are delicately handmade and crafted from the most plush tweed cloths. The Brothers at OTAA are firmly believe that sophistication is made redundant if it isn't simultaneously versatile, which is why these tweed thin ties are perfect staples for the boardroom and social engagements alike. Designed with classic tones of beige and brown perspectives, these men's ties leave little room for mistake. Just pair them with some chinos or your tailored suit arrangements to scrub up with elegance for every occasion. Have a browse through OTAA's extensive collection and find the perfect tweed skinny tie to suit your tastes. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA.