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Dinosaur Skinny Ties


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Let your style ferocity BOOM with the sharp features of our dinosaur skinny ties! We understand that it's easy to be intimidated by this jurassic collection, but don't be fooled- these dinos can't harm you! We know that dinosaurs date back 231 million years, but please; we prefer the term vintage than "prehistoric". With years of heritage behind these ferocious designs, this dino thin tie collection is a tried-and-tested mainstay in the wardrobes of outlandish gents. Marvellously designed with an abundance of intimidating reptiles, these dinosaur skinny ties will give you a confident edge when you want to make a statement in the boardroom. It doesn't matter whether you're a t-rex kind of guy or you prefer the more gentle brontosaurus; there's a novelty skinny tie in here to suit your every mood and personality. Wear them for a flamboyant statement at parties or for a foolproof way to start conversations at weddings. There's no better way to attract attention than with a Green T-Rex Dinosaur Tie around your neck! Let their plush, microfibre fabrics inject a wealth of luxury into your tailored looks! For your most charismatic men's necktie, look no further than a dinosaur skinny tie by The Brothers at OTAA! 

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