Fruit Skinny Ties


Fruit Skinny Ties Online

Put a tantalising spin on your office regulars with a whimsical fruit skinny tie from OTAA! Sure to get your thirsts quenching, this decadent fruit skinny tie range offers an abundance of funky fruits that are sure to freshen up your looks. Whether you're a watermelon kind of guy or you prefer your thin ties with a side of pineapples, there's undeniably a sweet little guy in here to satisfy your taste buds. We understand that it's hard to choose, and it's okay to be a little indecisive sometimes. That's why we created a Tutti Fruity Skinny Tie to give you all the options of the salad bowl! So if you want to dress up to the nines with a bit of a quirky spin, there's no better way to do it than with a fruit skinny tie by The Brothers at OTAA. The thrill of these thin ties doesn't stop at their fruity design, The Brothers at OTAA created their thin ties to be backed up by premium quality. Individually stitched by hand and tailored from the most lustrous microfibre fabrics, these fruit skinny ties are fruition of maximum luxury as well as design. Wear them for a tantalising twist on your office wardrobe, alternately take them out on the weekend for a playful aesthetic. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.