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Bring a textural advantage to your everyday wardrobe with OTAA's handcrafted linen skinny tie range. The hallmark of linen ties is their endless versatility. They're punchy enough to pair with tailored suits, and yet they offer a textured perspective which brings a casual-chic look to your weekend chinos. Basically; a well-tailored linen tie is a wardrobe no-brainer! Effortlessly stylish, these linen skinny ties are handcrafted from a pure linen blend to deliver you the real thing in terms of comfort. Giving you a lustrous accessory when you're getting through your busy Monday's work, these men's ties are built for maximum durability. With a plethora of styles and colours to pick from, there'll no doubt be a fancy number in here to suit your formal engagements and weekend rendezvous alike. Basically replacing that manky brown tie you've got lying in the corner of your cupboard, these linen thin ties bring a new level of sophistication to term "wardrobe regulars". There's no reason why your wardrobe mainstay can't be dashing and versatile at the same time. With a relaxed textural outlook and luxuriously robust design, these skinny men's ties are the most extravagant way to top off smart-casual looks. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.  

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