Wool Skinny Ties


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Sumptuously robust; OTAA's vast array of handcrafted wool ties are a marvellous testament to winter fashion. Proving the "comfortable" doesn't have to mean "drab", the Brothers at OTAA have gone leaps and bounds to give you something luxurious you can wear in winter. It's time to throw out that manky fleece tie you've got sitting in the bottom of your wardrobe that's only collecting dust! You can now step out the door in winter with the confidence that your style is just as on point as the other three seasons of the year! Marrying two great things that don't often go together; comfort and style- these wool skinny ties are a wardrobe masterstroke that will have you travelling savvy in the cooler seasons. Giving you a pop of panache to your work day suits, a wool tie will grant you warmth and luxury because of its naturally thick body. And the Brothers at OTAA don't take their designs lightly, these wool skinny ties are made from a pure wool fleece and delicately stitched to ensure their maximum durability. What does this mean exactly? Well, your new wool skinny tie will be the most comfortable damn men's tie you've ever owned! Just think of it as a little gift, from us to you. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA.