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Men’s Beaded Bracelets

From black volcanic rock to Alaskan-white howlite beads, OTAA’s men’s beaded bracelets are the epitome of raffish refinement. Beaded carefully with rustic, antique skulls and luxurious, golden Buddha heads, the Brothers’ men’s bracelets will make a distinctive appearance in your getup. The Brothers designed their men’s beaded bracelets with rare and curious stone colours such as lapis lazuli and shattuckite to inject a striking distinction between other men’s bracelets. Each bead in OTAA’s men’s beaded bracelets has been combed through thoroughly to unearth the finest carved beads that have an organic grain. Pair your male bracelets with a classic white shirt to infuse an air of insouciance. Designed in Melbourne by the Brothers, this eclectic collection of men’s bracelets will contrast agreeably with any outfit.


Buy Men’s Bracelets

The Brothers meticulously curated their collection of men’s bracelets Australia and made it seamless to buy men’s bracelets online. This collection includes not only men’s beaded bracelets, but men’s rope bracelets for the nautical gent. From the far reaches of South Africa to the dewy mountains in Italy, you can buy men’s bracelets at OTAA and complement your getup no matter what your style. Drop the Brothers a line if you want advice before buying a men’s bracelet online to get styling advice too.


Best Men’s Bracelets

‘What’s the most majestic animal that comes to mind?’ asks one of the Brothers, whilst choosing the strikingly-carved beads for their men’s bracelets. The regal, enduring panther came to mind straight away. Some of the best men’s bracelets in this collection include the exotic feline surrounded by a bed of metamorphic rocks and gemstones to heighten its prowess and power. Other best men’s bracelets are the candy skull bracelets surrounded by onyx stones, a nod to Die de Los Muertos.


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