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Floral Skinny Ties


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Flourishing with the label's most elegant brushstrokes, this Floral Skinny Tie collection is blossoming with a wealth of sophistication. One of the year's most popular ranges, these floral skinny ties are the perfect statement for weddings and formal engagements alike. Defined by their intricate attention to detail, the hallmark of these flower designs is their rich presentation of colours and patterns. We recommend going for a floral thin tie if you're willing to make a bold statement. Not for the shy guy in the corner; these floral skinny ties are blossoming with a level of character that only gentlemen of refinement can pull off! Pair them with a handsome suit jacket and tailored pant to look the part at weddings; and if you want to make an outlandish statement on the weekend, pair them with your go-to chinos. Pick from a selection of colours and designs to find the perfect flower motif to suit your needs. Ranging from vibrant and whimsical to dark and brooding designs, these floral skinny ties offer something for every man who wants to be seen! Let their hand-stitched philosophy and impeccable pure cotton fabrics provide a wealth of luxury that few other mens ties can provide. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 

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