Houndstooth Skinny Ties


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Inciting your wardrobe with an enhanced level of detail, our houndstooth skinny ties are backed by heritage and design. Houndstooth or dogstooth is defined by a jagged checker pattern that tessellates for maximum visual impact. Giving an edgier perspective to classic checker patterns, this dogstooth skinny tie collection is for men who don't lack any confidence! If you want to make a confident statement in the boardroom, or if you want to dazzle on your weekend outings; a houndstooth thin tie by OTAA will be your most foolproof option! Offering you a range of colours ranging from conservative whites and beiges, to outlandish reds and yellows; this diverse men's tie collection has something for every man who wants to improve his style. So if you've got a wedding to attend, or you just want to amplify your work week rotation, there's a charismatic houndstooth skinny tie in here to suit all your needs! Underpinned by a level of luxury that can be appreciated by the naked eye, all of these dogstooth ties have been stitched by hand and tailored from the finest selection of pure cotton and linen fabrics as well as microfibres. Why? Because The Brothers at OTAA don't believe in superficial sophistication; real refinement is born in the small details. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.