Wholesale Ties


Wholesale Ties

Have you ever really want to stock a bunch of ties in your store and don't know where to start? The Brothers at OTAA have travelled far and wide to come up with the most interesting ties for your perusal. Drop the Brothers a line at hello@otaa.com to organise a wholesale rate and set up some awesome OTAA stock in your store.

Large Tie Orders

If you don't have a shop but rather a keen interest in ties (or a small organisation or committee) and you want to arrange a large order of neckties, email through to hello@otaa.com and they'll arrange a discount for you and your team.


Corporate Discounts

If you're interested in arranging a large order of ties for a corporate event or for your workplace, drop us a line at hello@otaa.com and we'll be able to arrange a corporate discount that can be used whenever the next event pops up.