Navy Blue Skinny Ties

A navy blue skinny tie is synonymous with classic, chic style. The preferred colour of choice for gentlemen for over a century, a navy blue tie is a flawless choice that will have you suited up with elegance. Perfectly paired with navy, black and white suit jackets, a navy blue skinny tie will round-off all your ensembles with timeless sophistication. Navy blue is the Brothers at OTAA's signature colour that has become a faultless motif across all their designs. Offering navy blue skinny ties in a multitude of patterns, our blue skinny tie collection is as extensive as they come. Choose from a selection of animals, anchors, polka dots and stripes to find the perfect design to match your upcoming occasion. Whether it's a wedding, dinner or party you need your skinny tie for, you'll undoubtedly find the perfect fit for you in this collection. Let our offering of satin fabrics, wool fabrics, cottons and microfibers do all the talking when it comes to texture. All the designs in this range are tailored by our group of experts who have years of industry experience, to give you the perfect size and shape, every time. Have a browse through our extensive range of blue thin ties to find the ideals statement for you. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA.