How To Tie a Tie

How to Fold a Pocket Square

How to fold a pocket square is a topic of conversation that has graced circles of elite gentlemen for decades. Mulled over in secret rooms with glasses of whisky and cigars, the correct way to fold a pocket square has been thoroughly entertained and prophesied. What they came up with is a handful of pocket square folds that work as the backbone of some of the most sophisticated fashion ensembles we've ever seen. Their secrets have spilled from the cracks of private rooms and made their way into OTAA's hands. The Brothers at OTAA see it as their duty to give you everything. The stylish, the sophisticated, the avant-garde and the sleek. Every pocket square fold that was curated by these gentlemen is listed here in our How To Series. Just be careful who you tell, we don't want them to lift the lid on this covert operation. 

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