Solid Skinny Ties


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Not every men's tie has to make a bold statement, and nobody knows this better than our solid skinny tie collection. Sometimes less is more, and with elegance and simplicity at the forefront, this collection will grant your suits a level of unsurpassed refinement. Pure bliss. Now that you don't have patterns to worry about, you can draw your attention to the exquisite texture of these skinny ties. With heavenly wools, linens, cottons and micro fabrics to choose from, you'll undoubtedly find the perfect skinny tie in here to make your office days just a bit more comfortable. So now when you step through the door each day, you'll know you'll be working with a bit of luxury and refinement on your side- winning. We've got a broad selection of colours pick from including red, yellow, blue, brown, orange charcoal, green and teal. So whether you're a guy who's traditional and reserved, or you're a guy who's confident and flamboyant, we've definitely got something in here for you. The Brothers at OTAA made it their mission to give you a premium level of quality with your solid skinny tie. That's why all the designs in this collection have been stitched by hand and tailored by a group of leading industry professionals. It's just a little gift, from us to you. Have a browse through our comprehensive range and find the perfect solid skinny tie for you.