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Polka Dot Skinny Ties


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Classic, playful and chic all in one- our polka dot skinny ties are your number one choice for versatile dressing. Polka dots are a timeless staple in the wardrobes of every refined gentleman, and the Brothers at OTAA have made it their mission to bring justice to this everlasting tradition. With history, timelessness and creativity at the forefront, OTAA's polka dot skinny ties are unparalleled in fruition. Spanning the full range of the colour spectrum, there's a skinny tie in here to suit every suit and shirt combination. From vibrant reds and yellows, to subdued grey and blacks, there's a polka dot skinny tie to suit every occasion you could possibly need it for. Whether it's a wedding, work meeting or first date you've got planned, our refined polka dots have got all the ingredient to make a great first impression. Finding a perfect balance between outlandish and sophisticated, our polka dot ties are the hottest choice when it comes to versatile dressing. They can be worn to suit virtually any occasion. However, we know that style isn't all that's important you, it's likely you probably care about quality too. That's why the Brothers at OTAA ensured all these polka dot thin ties were stitched by hand and tailored by leading industry experts, to give you a level of unsurpassed quality. This means that when you step out the door in the morning, you know you'll be backed by luxury as well as style. It's just a simple gift, from us to you. 

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