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Velvet Skinny Ties


Velvet Skinny Ties

If there's two things that The Brothers at OTAA prize; it's heritage and plush fabric. Thankfully, the velvet skinny tie range offers both in healthy proportions. Velvet dates back over 2,000 years and was originally reserved for people of noble status. Transcending through time with sentiments of opulence, velvet in today's modern landscape is synonymous with James Bond. Offering a lightly tufted body with an incredibly robust silhouette, a velvet skinny tie from OTAA is your first step to achieving '007 elegance. Now, it's just time to get that martini ready on the side! Offering a healthy variety of black, midnight blue, dark green and burgundy skinny ties, this velvet range is fit for men who want to scrub up to noble proportions. Let their brooding palette and dark cast of shadows bring a level of depth to your suits that your onlookers will admire. Currently experiencing a booming revival in 2018, velvet ties are the perfect accompaniment to sleek black tuxes and deserve a level of detail that complements their opulence. Pair your velvet skinny tie with a handsome pair of cufflinks to top off your suit with an enhanced perspective of luxury. Let their handcrafted attributes and finely hand-stitched fabric add an extra dose of luxury to your formal routine! Don't waste any time, get suited up for '007 chic style and head down to MI6- your shaken martini is waiting. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 

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