Christmas Skinny Ties


Christmas Skinny Ties Online

It's that time of year where you're forced to mix with your anti-social cousin and your stamp collecting uncle. We get it, Christmas can be a bit of a weird time. But there's no reason why you should let it mess up your style creativity. A Christmas Skinny Tie is the perfect way to bring a bit of festivity to your awkward dinner table gatherings, and it will surely spark a bit of favourable conversation! With snowmen, Christmas trees and reindeers up for grabs- we're sure it's impossible for anyone to out-do your festivities with a Christmas skinny tie by OTAA! Alternately, if you're feeling extra giving; why not gift a holiday skinny tie to a family member for a perfect Christmas treat. Full of personality and brimming with our favourite Christmas colours, these holiday thin ties will bring a wealth of happy holiday spirit to even to most awkward lunch table dynamics. Let their immaculate handcrafted tailoring and luxurious selection of pure linen, cotton, satin and microfibre fabric bring a sophisticated edge to your festive dressing! Just pair your handsome Christmas skinny tie with some funky socks to complete your holiday look with panache! Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.