Pale Blue Skinny Ties


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The elegant hues of our pale blue skinny ties will add a sophisticated element to your suits. Pale blue ties have been the garment of choice for sophisticated style enthusiasts this season. Whether you're heading to work or suiting up for a wedding, a pale blue skinny tie will have you making a dashing statement when you step out the door. The subtle tones of pale blue makes these thin ties a stand out option for versatile dressing. They'll match virtually any suit colour and any shirt of choice to become potentially the best style investment you'll ever make. The Brothers at OTAA designed this pale blue skinny tie range to give you something you can wear to your client meetings in the morning and then brush up for your social dinners in the evening. If you want to make a good first impression in an interview, the precise tailoring of these blue men's ties will do all the talking for you. We've got paisleys and pin stripes if you want to turns heads, and polka dots and solids if you're a bit more reserved. Let our exquisite selection of fabrics have you feeling spoilt for choice when it comes to texture. With wools, satins, micros and linens, you'll undoubtedly find something heavenly smooth in here to bring you upmost comfort for every day at the office!