Cotton Skinny Ties


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Your new best friend when you need to whip something on your chest on the weekend, our cotton skinny ties are a wardrobe mainstay. The best way to describe a wool skinny tie is to think of your favourite pair of jeans- you take them everywhere with you and it's the first thing you put on when you can't figure out what to wear. Can you ever imagine living without them? Probably not. Well, our cotton skinny ties are basically the same thing, just in tie form. You can wear them in virtually any situation, like Sunday brunches, Saturday date nights, Monday meetings and your holiday snorkelling trips. To be honest we don't know why you'd wear them underwater, but we're not going to assume we know what you do in your private life! Handcrafted from a pure cotton fabric, these cotton ties are in no way fakers. They're perfectly versatile and offer a plush fabric that will keep you cosy on your rainy Mondays and wild weekends. Just pair them with a tailored jacket for a formal polish, or complement them with some chinos if you're just heading out for a morning coffee- there's no way to go wrong with a handcrafted wool skinny tie! Let our full range of paisleys, polka dots, stripes and funky colours give you a comprehensive selection to find the right men's necktie for you! Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.