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Bring a tantalising cornerstone to your skinny tie collection with our decadent range of dessert skinny ties! Remarkably tailored to suit your sweet tooth, these dessert thin ties provide a sugar-hit that no other men's ties can provide. It doesn't matter whether you're an ice cream kind of guy or whether donuts are your craving of choice, there's a dessert skinny tie in here to suit all of your late-night hankerings. So if you want something that says, "I'm a fun guy and triple scoop ice creams are my calling"- we've got just the right ties to fit the bill. You're probably wondering when you'd possibly wear an ice cream skinny tie, and the answer is: any time! Wear one to work to put a smile on your colleagues' faces, or to parties for a certain conversation starter! It's a foolproof way to bring a bit of charisma to your style whilst also charming the people around you- it's a win/win! However, don't let the good times stop there! These superb dessert skinny ties are all crafted by hand from a plush microfibre cloth to ensure you'll be met with maximum comfort with every wear. Yes that's right, our light and fluffy donuts have a perfectly plush, textured fabric to match! It's the most deluxe dessert experience you'll ever have! Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 

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