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A paisley skinny to is synonymous with opulence, and one of OTAA's many paisley designs will have you suited up to the nines! With longstanding associations with regality and nobility, there's no doubt we designed each paisley tie in this range just for you, our number one king! It doesn't matter what you need it for, we've got a skinny tie in here to suit all your fancy occasions. And even if you just want to wear it to work, that's okay too- there's nothing wrong with being the king of the boardroom. Let our fabulous range of colours and patterns bring you the most intricately detailed ties you've ever seen in your life. Individually hand-drawn by the Brothers at OTAA, you can be rest assured that every paisley skinny tie in this range is one of a kind. Decorated with lashings of colour and beautifully spiralled details, there's no mistake that these paisley thin ties are the best way to pimp out your wardrobe. At OTAA we're not just in it for the style, quality is important to us too. That's why all our men's ties are crafted by hand and cut for a sharp, slim fit. So if you want to strut out the door with luxury and style on your side, there's no better way to do it than with a paisley skinny tie by OTAA. Get creative with patterns and colours and mix them with a range of suit styles to get you scrubbed up to perfection. 

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