Work Skinny Ties


Skinny Ties for Work

It's time to play the wolf of Wall Street and bring a bit of confidence back into your work styles. Gone are the days where a brown office tie will fit the bill, the modern office dynamic demands you to put your best foot forward, even when it comes to your business tie! The Brothers at OTAA have put together a comprehensive range of work skinny ties to get you through your Monday grind with flair and style! So throw away your old manky brown necktie and get your office styles up-to-date with a skinny business tie by OTAA! We know that you want to make a good impression, and it doesn't just come down to your work ethic unfortunately. These days if you turn up to a job interview with a haphazard suit ensemble, it's likely you'll lose out to the guy who strutted with a striped skinny work tie by OTAA. So don't play the fool any longer in the office, make sure you slay in all aspects of your routine- including your corporate skinny tie. Choose from a wide range of stripes, dots and even sharks to communicate to your colleagues that you can't be intimidated. And with handcrafted fabrics and luxuriously robust silhouettes, it's no doubt your work skinny tie will be your best asset in the boardroom! Have a browse through our comprehensive range and buy the perfect work tie to impress your boss now. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.