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Skinny Ties


Men’s Skinny Ties

The Brothers at OTAA searched far and wide for inspiration for their men’s skinny ties collection. Sipping on their coffees whilst sketching the designs, the Brothers ensured that their slim fit ties were able to impart the wearer’s individuality and show off the fine craftsmanship of each skinny tie. OTAA’s men’s skinny ties collection has a plethora of slim fit ties that you can style with to inject your own personality into your outfit, whether it’s a simple linen thin tie or an animal motif skinny tie. OTAA’s skinny ties make a nod to modern styling whilst embodying the classic length and width of a standard skinny tie. If you’re looking to move away from the traditional getup of a regular sized tie, find a thin tie in the Brothers’ collection of skinny ties for men that imbues your personality whilst maintaining a modern touch.


Buy Skinny Ties

When the Brothers were choosing the colour palettes and designs for their men’s skinny ties collection, they also wanted to make it as easy as possible to buy skinny ties online. At OTAA, men’s skinny ties are delivered wherever you are in the world, meaning that your skinny tie will get to you just in the nick of time for your upcoming event. The range of skinny ties online at OTAA is not limited to just one material – our collection of men’s skinny ties come in cotton, linen, satin and even wool. When you’re looking to buy skinny ties for men, carefully consider your entire outfit or drop Brothers a line to get advice on matching and complementing colours. That way, when you buy skinny ties online at OTAA you can rest assured that the skinny tie will match your entire getup.


Best Ties | Men’s Slim Ties

What makes the best skinny tie? The Brothers at OTAA carefully considered the length, width and design of each skinny tie to embody modernism and impart their own sense of personality and panache. Take special care when choosing the best skinny ties online for your outfit but make sure you don’t shy away from the styles that show off who you are, be it floral or paisley. OTAA’s collection includes a whole range of cool skinny ties that are the best skinny ties to wear if you’re slightly unconventional and want to make a subtle nod to traditional ties but still imbue your own personality. Pair your men’s skinny ties with a traditional shirt and suit for your next occasion and see how OTAA fairs. The Brothers at OTAA want you to infuse your own personality into each outfit and as such, have created an extensive and carefully designed collection of the best skinny ties online that are yours for the taking.