Wedding Ties


Men’s Wedding Ties

‘The big day – what’re some good wedding ties?’ asks one of the Brothers, as they carefully consider the liveliest of colours and most intricate patterns. The Brothers have injected spirited blushes and dashing colours in their exclusive men’s wedding ties collection. Designed in Melbourne, each tie has been crafted in golden ratio proportions to perfectly balance your wedding ensemble for your big day. When contemplating patterns and colours, the Brothers ensured they included classic wedding tie colours, such as mint green, blush, black and navy. If you’re the daring gent, the Brothers have included a stack of cool wedding ties to really have the boys and yourself look distinctive. Drop the Brothers a line and head down to OTAA’s showroom in Melbourne to peruse through their wedding ties in person and don’t forget to bring any bridesmaid dresses and suits.


Buy Wedding Ties

Back in the day, the Brothers found it difficult to buy wedding ties online that they figured they’d start their own collection. Mail the Brothers a swatch of your bridesmaid dress so they can perfectly pair the wedding ties to your other getups. This is one of the many services that OTAA uniquely offers that allows you to choose accurate-coloured men’s wedding ties. Remember to choose a wedding tie that is infused with your personality but still stands out a cut above the others. Remain cool, calm and collected for your wedding day and buy wedding ties from the Brothers and know they’ve got your back.


Wedding Ties Australia

All alone, surrounded by our huge expanse of water and desolate, dessert landscapes, there’s not many places to buy wedding ties in Australia. The Brothers traversed the planes of the Great Victoria Desert to Adelaide, all the way through to the city skyscrapers in Melbourne to find wedding ties. The Brothers crafted the largest wedding ties Melbourne collection so that no other poor souls would need to attempt the hazardous journey across this huge Oceanic country to find a mere wedding tie. The Brothers did engross themselves in wonderful wildlife and soft colours in the setting sky that gave them plenty of inspiration for this collection, however. Designed in Melbourne, these wedding ties Australia are a sure find.