Dessert Ties


Dessert and Ice Cream Ties and Neckties

OTAA's dessert tie range is tantalisingly delicious! If you want to add some decadence to your tailoring, you can't go past an ice cream tie or a donut tie from OTAA! As our great friend Mr Simpson has once eloquently stated: "Mmmmmmmm donuuuuts. We completely agree, Homer. Whether you're a fruity kind of guy or you prefer something that's smothered in chocolate, we undoubtedly have a dessert tie that will satisfy your sweet tooth. These whimsical neckties make a great statement at any social occasion and are a sure good way to inject colour into your office styles. Your boss will be wondering why you're suddenly in a perky mood on Mondays. Because of their flamboyant nature, these ice cream ties make a perfect statement when you want to stand out in the crowd- they're great conversation starters! At OTAA we have a strict high-quality philosophy, which is why all these men's neckties have been stitched by hand and tailored by industry experts. So if you like your desserts with a bit of a gourmet edge, this OTAA collection is for you. Have a browse of our range and find the perfect dessert necktie to compliment your sweet tooth.