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Camouflage Ties


Camouflage Ties and Army Neckties Online

Yes that's right- OTAA has designed a range of neckties that are designed to help you blend in with your surrounding! Well, not really- but there's nothing stopping you from trying! This range of quirky neckties are for men who like to fly under the radar. So far under the radar that nobody can even see them. We're just kidding. The ironic thing about this tie collection is that it'll probably make you the most talked about guy in the room- making your days of espionage a long lost dream. With a charismatic collection of camouflage ties and army ties- there's something for every man who wants to put a bit of charm in their tailoring. This unique and handsome range makes a daring statement at social events and will liven up your assemblage with great detail. The blue camouflage tie is the perfect asset to take on your yachting and fishing trips- there's no way anyone will see you against the deep blue ocean. And if you're going somewhere hot on your summer vacation, our red camouflage tie will suit your mood! Backed up by exceptional quality, all of the camouflage ties in this range are made by hand by leading industry professionals. This collection offers a selection of soft cotton fabrics that have all been tailored by hand. 

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