Fruit Ties


Men's Fruit Ties and Neckties

Keep your wardrobe looking fruitful with possibilities with OTAA's decadent selection of fruit ties. Whether it's grapes, watermelons or bananas that take your fancy- OTAA surely has a fruit tie that will satisfy your tastebuds. And if you happen to have an indecisive palate, we even have a fruit salad option to quench your summer thirst. These unique designs make the perfect statement of flamboyance and inject a wealth of personality into any tailored ensemble. If you want something that says, "I'm a laidback kind of guy"- our coconut tie will do all the talking! Each of these designs is completely unique and designed exclusively in-house to give you a sublime asset to add to your wardrobe. In addition to making a grand statement in terms of style, they also speak volumes in exceptional quality. All the fruit ties in this collection are tailored by hand and hand-sewn to perfection, making them impeccable options to give confidence to your tailoring. The extravagant microfiber fabrics and detailed lined backing gives an incredible point of detail that any gentleman with good taste can admire. Get ready to unleash your wild side and buy a fruit tie from OTAA's unique collection.