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Nautical Ties are OTAA's brand signature and they bring a level of finesse to your wardrobe that other ties can't deliver. The inspiration for OTAA's nautical designs comes from the Brothers at OTAA's travels around the globe. Inspired by the chic coastal style of nautical landscapes, all the ties in this collection speak volumes in good taste to men who are well travelled. Our signature brand anchor is refined and well balanced, and if you're after something that's a little more whimsical- we have swordfish and palm trees to cover your bases. All our nautical neckties are finished with a handsome navy blue fabric to imbue a level of refinement to complement all your suits. Let the exquisite lined backing add a textured point of difference that will set you apart from the rest of the crowd. Our selection of men's nautical ties is your ideal chance to get creative and insert your personality into your tailored wardrobe. If you're a laidback and hassle-free kind of guy- our turtle tie will do all the talking for you. Whether you're going to a wedding, formal dinner, work meeting or yachting trip, there will undoubtedly be a nautical tie to suit the needs of your every occasion. These nautical ties are all handmade by leading industry professionals to ensure a level of luxury that other neckties can't match. Have a browse of our versatile range and find the perfect blue necktie for you!

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