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If you want a tie that screams "retro" and "vintage"- we've got a bunch of unique designs to fit the bill! Have a browse through our vintage collection to find a retro tie that suits your needs. Whether it's the colourful 80s, paisley 60s or 18th century France you're after- we've got all possible decades and styles to have you covered. Our broad range of animal and robot designs will put a charismatic tone in your tailoring. And if you want a great conversation starter when you go to social events- our best selling donkey tie will do all the talking for you! With polka dots, stripes, paisleys, ginghams and dragons, there's undoubtedly a retro tie in our collection to satisfy your styling desires. These men's neckties are perfect for showcasing at social gatherings and will put a pop of colour into your mundane work styles. Choose from a selection of cottons, linens and microfibers to find the most perfectly smooth fabric for you. Not only do these vintage ties excel in style, they're also great example of unsurpassed quality. They've all been designed in-house exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA and they've all been handmade by leading industry experts. So if you want something that says "I'm a fun kind of guy"- our retro ties will have you say no more. 

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