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Solid Ties and Neckties Online

Sometimes simplicity speaks the most volume in terms of elegance which is why OTAA's solid colour ties make your ideal choice when you need to suit up. We have taken the "less is more" approach and transformed it into something that's brilliantly sophisticated. Whether you need it for work, a wedding, an interview or a special date- our broad range of solid color ties have something to suit every man. We have ties that extend the full length of the colour spectrum, so finding the perfect shade for that suit you have at home will be no trouble at all. With flourishing pinks, classic tonal colors, yellows, reds, blues, purples, oranges and burgundy- you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Have a browse through our solid men's neckties and choose from a broad selection of fabrics. If you're going to a wedding or formal dinner, we highly recommend taking a look at our magnificent satin designs. They offer a slightly sheen finish that will give your suits a polished outlook. And if you want something that's a bit more laidback that you can take from the boardroom to your afterwork drinks, we have a handsome selection of linen and cotton solid neckties to give you confidence. Because of their minimalist outlook, our solid color neckties will be the most versatile staples you will have in your wardrobe. You can reach for the time, and time again to receive the highest level of value.