Gingham Ties


Gingham and Checkered Ties Online

Gingham ties are attention grabbing and incredibly charismatic. They make lively statements for any suit of choice and provide a flawless asset to versatile styles. Showcasing a striking checker pattern, gingham designs offer dual tone colourings that make an outlandish statement at any event. Whether it's green and black, blue and red or multi-coloured designs, our gingham ties are perfect for men who don't mind standing out in the crowd. Stitched by hand and tailored by leading industry professionals, OTAA's broad selection of men's gingham neckties offers an exceptional level of quality to imbue your tailoring with luxury. Let the flamboyant chequer patterns do all the talking for your suit. Because of their eye-catching nature, they're the perfect addition to classic suits that need a little extra punch! We've got cottons and linens to give a comfortable statement to your wardrobe and they're all designed in-house by the dedicated Brothers at OTAA. These handsome gingham designs pair superbly with white shirts and navy or black suits to give a faultless appearance at your next event. Have a browse through our comprehensive range to find the perfect gingham necktie for you.