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Paisley ties are synonymous with extravagance which is why OTAA's selection of paisley designs will have you feeling like a king! With a long standing history associated with nobility and opulence, a paisley tie is your one way ticket to a regal sensibility. Accenting your suits with luxury and refinement, our comprehensive range of men's paisley neckties has something that every man can admire. If you want something that's classic and speaks volumes in luxury, we've got a red paisley tie to fit the bill. Ranging from high-quality satins to more laidback cottons and micro fabrics, you'll undoubtedly find a tie that fits that formality of any occasion. Imbued with extravagant lashings of colour and detail, our men's paisley neckties will hold the gaze and admiration of anyone you want to impress. Whether it's for a wedding, formal dinner, job interview or weekend outing, you'll definitely find the paisley necktie to suit your needs. All of our men's neckties are crafted by hand and tailored by leading industry professionals to ensure you're provided with exceptional quality. Have a browse of our thorough list of in-house designs to find the perfect paisley tie for you!