Striped Ties


Men's Striped Ties & Neckties Online

Achieve a unsurpassed level of refinement with one of OTAA's striped ties. A striped tie is a classic wardrobe must-have that and gentleman with good taste can appreciate. Giving your suits an eye-catching aspect whilst still retaining its refinement, a striped necktie is your most ideal way to achieve finesse in your tailoring. We've got formal styles and casual styles that will match the needs of any occasion. If you've got a wedding or any kind of formal event planned, our satin designs will definitely hold you in good stead. We also have a selection of striped ties that will suit your workweek and casual looks. With a range of cottons, linens, microfibers and satins, you'll undoubtedly find the perfect striped tie to match your suits at home. A great men's necktie isn't complete if it hasn't been tailored by hand- that's why all the striped designs in our range have been hand-stitched by industry professionals to give you an additional aspect of luxury. Browse through our comprehensive selection of neckties and buy the striped tie that really sings. Making an appropriate statement at formal events and any weekly outing on your schedule, striped ties are one of the most versatile statements you can buy!