Tweed Ties


Men's Tweed Ties and Neckties

Tweed ties give a comfortable element to your wardrobe. OTAA's comprehensive selection of tweed designs are crafted from heavenly wool fabrics to give you an ideal asset for the year's cooler months. They're all stitched by hand and finessed with immaculate tailoring to give you a staple to take you to all your work and casual engagements. The luxurious details add a dash of comfort to your styles and will keep you looking stylish even when the weather's not in your favour. Offering a selection of herringbone, houndstooth, twill and zigzag designs, our tweed ties have something for men who want to catch the eye. Let the abundance of colours and designs in this range give you something to take you to formal events with panache. The Brothers at OTAA's rich dedication to quality gives these mens neckties a flourishing point of difference. With a perfect style and colour to suit your every need, these tweed neckties will put a confident edge in your stride. Browse through our tweed range and find the perfect tweed tie to satisfy your tastes.