Cotton Ties


Men's Cotton Ties & Neckties Online

OTAA's cotton tie selection is luxuriously versatile and comprehensive. Buy a cotton tie that will suit the needs of any occasion. With a selection of floral designs, paisleys, stripes, polka dots and solids to choose from- you'll undoubtedly be spoilt for choice! Our cotton neckties are made from 100% cotton to give you a comfortable, breathable fabric to last you through the day. They're highly versatile statements that will take you to weddings and formal dinners and then also be re-used when you need to take them to work. The full extent of the colour palette is offered in this collection and will give you something that will suit your every style and mood. If you're feeling particularly flamboyant and want to stand out in the crowd- one of our floral neckties will do you justice when you walk out the door. And if you want something that's a bit more understated and classic- you can go for a solid design in a tonal grey or black. Whatever the occasion is, a cotton tie will be your one way ticket to versatility and sophistication. They're all stitched by hand and tailored with incredible detail to give you an extra point of difference when you take them to formal affairs. Browse through our comprehensive range and find the perfect men's cotton tie for you.