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Quirky Ties


Men's Quirky Ties and Neckties

Get creative with your style with OTAA's quirky ties. If you feel like your wardrobe's been a bit lacklustre in recent times, there's no better way to spark it up than with an outlandish novelty tie! It doesn't matter what you need it for; whether it's a party, wedding or you just want to wear it to work- these designs are versatile and can be styled to suit just about any occasion. We've got something for men who want to give their style a bit of personality without compromising their sophistication and we've got ties that are on the extreme end of the flamboyance spectrum. So it doesn't matter how "out there" you want to go, we've got something to suit every man's tastes. There's plaids, stripes and dots for men who are just testing the waters and there's dragons and donkeys for men who want to be the most talked about guy in the room! Suiting a range of suits and laidback ensembles, these quirky ties are perfect for any kind of get-up. Let our heavenly smooth range of cottons, micro fibres and wools give a luxuriously sleek asset to your wardrobe outlook. They're all designed in-house exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA and handmade to perfection. This means when you put on your quirky tie in the morning- you'll be set for sophistication and style. 

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