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Ranging from delicate lavender to outlandish magenta, our huge range of Purple Bow Ties offers a variety of different statements. Making a superb statement for weddings, these sublime purple bow ties are handcrafted to absolute perfection for your maximum sophistication. Whether it's a subtle, solid design you're looking for, or you prefer to go bold with stripes and paisleys, you'll no doubt find a purple pre-tied bowtie in here to suit your personality. Our lavish purple range is decked out with a myriad of unique patterns to ensure you stay ahead of the pack when it comes to formal dressing. Our collection of floral, polka dot, striped, animal and fruit designs will make sure your final outfit falls nothing short of extravagant. Designed to fit the styling needs of the average man, this purple bow tie collection takes a classic, royal colour and reimagines it for contemporary use. 


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Our selection of purple bowties comes from the largest range of bowties in the world! A leading online retailer both in Australia and internationally, OTAA strives to give you the most comprehensive range of in-style bowties anywhere in the world. Whether it's a lilac bow tie or plum bow tie you're after, we'll have the perfect shade of purple in here to match your styling needs. If you've got a wedding coming up and you need to match your bow tie to bridesmaids dresses, just have a browse through our wide variety of shades to find the best colour match for you. With an easy user experience and fast shipping that will get your bowtie to your door step within a matter of days, OTAA is undoubtedly the best place to buy a purple bow tie online. Let our fabulous range of fabrics and patterns gift you endless choice and creativity when deciding on the perfect men's bowtie. Browse through our comprehensive range and find the most lavish purple design for you. 


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Because our plum bow ties are finely handcrafted from the most plush selection of linen, cotton and microfibre fabrics, they've rightfully earned their reputation as being the best bowties in Australia and worldwide at the most affordable prices. Their intricate hand-stitched lining and superb tailoring means your lavender bow tie will be the most luxurious bow tie you'll ever buy. It was thoughtfully designed by hand over the course of many espressos, and the Brothers at OTAA paid close attention to it's colour design and fit to ensure it would deliver on all counts. The excellent selection of sheen, textured and matte fabrics gives you the most variable range to buy your purple bow tie. Our broad selection of floral purple bowties are offered in a pure cotton material that will make a perfect staple at formal occasions. On the other side of the spectrum, our plush microfibre fabrics offer a sheen complexion that will give your suits a polished perspective.