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If you want to make a refined statement, a handcrafted grey bow tie can help you make a lasting impression. These grey bowties online are elegantly finessed in a tonal grey palette to give you a versatile staple every time you want to suit up to perfection. Ranging from light grey to dark grey in a myriad of handsome designs, this grey bow tie collection is for men who appreciate the subtle art of refinement. This comprehensive range offers houndstooths, checkers, stripes, polka dots and animal prints to give you the most a vast selection of choices to buy a grey bowtie in the world. Brilliantly matching both casual and formal outfits, these light grey bowties can be worn to weddings or paired with your casual chinos for your Sunday brunch. The delicate grey complexion of these men's bowties means they'll be versatile statements to last you years into the future, they're perfect for taking to formal occasions and then recycling for your Monday in the office! 


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Our light grey and dark grey bowties online are the best place to source your next bowtie because they're carefully designed and handcrafted with your maximum luxury in mind. The Brothers at OTAA have made it their mission to provide you with the most vast range of bowties in the world. Offering a plethora of unique fabrics including cottons, linens, microfibres, wools and satins, you'll undoubtedly find an incredibly plush statement to finesse your formal looks with elegance. Carefully designed and thoughtfully put together under one umbrella for your convenience, this grey bowtie range is the easiest way to buy a men's bow tie online! Just browse through our vast range of designs and fabrics and choose from light grey bow tie options and dark grey options to see which design suits you best. Our heavenly textured linen and wool bowties are impeccably robust and give you a great statement if you're feeling particularly luxurious. Their plush, textured bodies are perfect for men who want to make a high-quality statement. 


Best Men's Grey Bowties | Best Grey Bowties Australia 

Why are OTAA's bowties the best grey bowties in the world? They're finely handcrafted from the most plush fabrics we could find and impeccably tailored to achieve the most elegant silhouettes. On top of that, the Brothers at OTAA have worked hard to give you these grey bowties at the most affordable price- meaning you can obtain luxury without emptying your wallet! With subtlety and versatility driving this collection, these men's bowties are the most foolproof way to give your wardrobe a reliable asset. When you're not sure what to wear on the weekend, or you're traversing from work to your evening drinks, one of these grey bowties will adapt to all occasions. Because of their tonal complexion, these bow ties will superbly match a myriad of suit and shirt colours for maximum wearability. Let their plush fabrics gift you a comfortable asset when you want to make it through any day at work with ease. Just pair them with a crisp white pocket square for the freshest take to your corporate wardrobe. Have a browse through our immaculate range and find the perfect grey men's bow tie for you! Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.