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Brown Bow Ties


Men's brown Bow Ties

A brown bowtie is a statement of refinement and is the preferred option for men who are confident in their style. Synonymous with vintage elegance, brown is a colour that resonates with sentiments of timeless men's fashion. The Brothers at OTAA have worked hard on this collection to reinvent brown to suit the needs of the modern man. Offering a wide selection of outlandish styles as well as modern florals and paisleys, these brown bowties are the perfect companion for men who want to dress for 21st century sophistication. Let our dapper range of polka dots and stripes bring you a level of detail your tailored suits will benefit from; and with hand-stitching to back them up, there's no doubt these brown bowties will dazzle with luxury. So if you have a formal event to go to, these marvellous brown bow ties will pair perfectly with a crisp white shirt and white pocket square to mach- bringing a wealth of freshness to your style. If you want to go the extra mile, a sleek pair of gold cufflinks will add a dash of warm luxury to bring finesse to your suits.

Buy Brown Bow Ties Online

Buy a brown bow tie online from the world's largest bow tie retailer. With the biggest selection of bow ties online you can find anywhere in the world, there's no doubt you'll find the perfect men's bowtie in here to suit your next occasion. Whether it's a party, ball, wedding or dinner you have planned, our online ordering process will take all the hassle out of finding your perfect chocolate brown bow tie. So have a browse through our online store, select the perfect vintage bowtie and have it arrive on your doorstep within a matter of days- it really is that simple! The Brothers at OTAA have worked long and hard to make the user experience is as effortless and efficient as possible, so that you can find the ideal brown bow tie with just the click of a button. This means that when you step out the door dressed in your extravagant suit, people won't know that there was very little effort involved and that it's all just a facade! 


Best Brown Bowties | Brown Bowties for Men

Our collection of brown bow ties hasn't earned its title of being the best collection of bowties for no reason. Each and every one of them is stitched by hand and tailored from the most sumptuous selection of plush fabrics the Brothers at OTAA could possibly find. This means that when you put your bow tie on before heading out the door, you'll suddenly experience a wealth of comfort and luxury added to your outfit. Giving you the most durable and high-quality fabrics out there, these brown pre-tied bow ties are crafted from a range of pure cotton, pure linen, satin, wool and microfibre fabrics for your maximum comfort. Essentially, this means you'll get to choose from a variety of textures ranging from silky smooth to thick and textured because options are important! Our best online bow ties all have one thing in common: they're crafted by hand and tailored by our in-house craftsman with years of industry experience. What does this mean exactly? It ensures that your brown bow tie will form into the most favourable silhouettes with clean lines and folds to give you an enhanced level of detail. Just think of it as a little gift. 





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