Black Bow Ties


Black and Dark Bow Ties

There's nothing more sophisticated than a black bow tie by OTAA and this collection of dark bow ties is a dead-set winner for high-fashion style. Seen on the tuxedos of James Bond, Tom Buchanan and probably a handful of other really stylish gents- these black bow ties are essentially synonymous with elegance. The perfect statement of versatility and minimalism, these black bow ties are the most foolproof way to achieve finesse with your formal tailoring. So no matter what occasion you need it for; whether it be a ball, a wedding, a party or your morning grocery run, our dark men's bow ties will get you suited up with excellence. Finely crafted from the most sumptuous selection of satin, micro, velvet, pure cotton and linen fabrics, you'll be spoilt for choice when choosing the right texture and complexion. Velvet is at the hallmark of our black bow tie range and will give you a heightened sense of exclusivity when you pair it with your suit. Our black velvet offers a lightly tufted body with the most robust black fabric we could possibly find; to elevate you into the ballpark of the Clooney's and the Di Caprio's of the fashion world. Let our dedicated approach to handcrafting and tailoring give you most rich sense of luxury every time you put your black bow tie on. They specifically pair beautifully with white pocket squares to add a touch of freshness to your dapper suit ensemble. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.