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If you have a formal event to go to and you need make a sophisticated statement, a blue bow tie by OTAA is one of the most versatile investments you'll ever make. Richly imbued with the label's signature nautical outlook, these navy blue bowties emit a rich blue shade to grant your suits a wealth of refinement. Impeccably displaying a classic palette that's finessed with a broad range of contemporary designs, these navy blue bow ties mix the best of both worlds when it comes to timeless fashion. So if you want to stand out for all the right reasons at your next formal occasion, a handcrafted blue bow tie by OTAA is the best way to scrub to extravagant proportions. For your maximum confidence, these pre-tied men's bowties have been stitched by hand and tailored from the most sumptuous collection of fabrics to ensure that you're met with maximum comfort as well as style whenever you put your bow tie on. With our handsome range of florals, paisleys, stripes and polka dots, you'll be spoilt for choice when selecting the right style; and because of their universally popular colour, these blue bow ties will match virtually any outfit.  


Men's Navy Bowties 

It takes almost zero effort to obtain the perfect blue men's bowtie. The Brothers at OTAA have collated the best range navy bow ties under one umbrella to ensure that you don't have to go to any effort to find the ideal style. Pick from a range of outlandish, classic and conservative styles to find the best blue bowtie online. Our swift dispatch and posting process means you'll have your pre-tied bow tie on your doorstep within a matter of days- unless you live in the desert, that will be a different story! Dispatching daily and processing your order immediately, it's possible to be wearing your navy bowtie in the nick of time! Now all you have to do is find a suit to match. Luckily because of their versatile palette, these universally popular men's bowties will match virtually any outfit. Just pair them with a tailored jacket and crisp whites to manage a fresh aesthetic. So have a look online and buy blue bow ties for your next occasion, whether it be a wedding, a party or just your everyday coffee run (there's nothing wrong with being seriously overdressed). 


Best Blue Bow Ties | Men's Navy Blue Bowties

OTAA isn't Australia's most trusted men's online retailer for no reason. Our swift shipping, user-friendly process and handcrafted ties means our online experience is next to none. Underpinned by the label's luxurious dedication to handcrafting, these royal blue bowties offer maximum refinement. Stitched from a remarkable range of cotton, linen, micro, satin and velvet fabrics; these blue bow ties range from lustrously textured and robust to seamlessly smooth and elegant. Let our endless range of textures and complexions gift you the widest range of choices that any bow tie collection has ever offered. The Brothers at OTAA don't believe in style if it isn't backed up by premium quality, that's why all of our men's bowties go deeper than surface level. Our dedicated in-house tailors craft all of these royal blue bowties by hand to ensure they effortlessly drape into the most favourable silhouettes. This means every time you put your blue bow tie on, you'll know you'll be supported by elegant design and impeccable craftsmanship. Go ahead, live a little bit.