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Paisley Bowties Online

Our paisley bow ties for men are synonymous with luxury. Imbued with a bold design that has affiliations with royalty, our men's paisley bowties are your best option for dressing up to maximum perfection. These paisley bow ties online are for men who don't mind standing out in the crowd because they offer intricate teardrop patterns that are etched with lashings of vibrant colour. Paisley designs boast a long history that traces back to the Persian Empire. Shahs used to wear paisley motifs on their crowns to communicate their strength on nobility. Since then, paisley has been synonymous with regality, and this paisley bow tie collection is fit for men who like to feel like kings! Ranging from opulent and refined designs to colourful and flamboyant patterns, this online paisley bowtie collection offers the best range of men's bowties under the sun to get you suited up to absolute perfection. 

Buy A Paisley Bow Tie | Paisley Bowties For Men

Buy a paisley bowtie online from the widest range of paisley designs in the world. This online collection is as expansive as they come so you should have no trouble finding the best paisley bow tie for your upcoming event. Whether it's a formal evening you have marked on the calendar or you just want to spruce up your office routine with pizazz, these paisley bowties are undoubtedly the best way to make a sophisticated statement. Choose from our lavish offering of reds, yellows, blues, blacks, purples and greens to find the best paisley bow tie to suit your styling needs. No matter what occasion you need your bowtie for, these paisley designs are versatile enough to suit just about any occasion. Let their regal perspective and intricate design gift you a level of luxury that few other bow ties can provide. Their robust designs and rounded patterns will break up the harsh lines of your suit and add an element of dimension. So have a look through our largest range of paisley bowties online and find the best royal number to get jazzed up with sophistication. 

Best Paisley Bow Ties  

At OTAA we're passionate about paisley, and all of our paisley bowties have been designed in-house to give you a maximum feeling of luxury. The Brothers at OTAA designed their best paisley bow ties over the course of many espressos where they hand-drew each and every paisley detail one by one. Their mammoth amount of effort and extreme passion for paisley has imbued these men's bowties with the best level of sophistication out of any paisley bowties in the world! Going beyond great design, these paisley bow ties are crafted by hand from the most plush selection of fabrics. Offering pure cotton and pure satin materials, these bowties are the best way to give your suits a luxurious point of difference. They've been expertly crafted and stitched by hand to ensure they'll drape into the most favourable silhouettes. So have a look through our massive range and find the best paisley bow tie to complement your suit for your upcoming event. And if you don't have a formal evening planned, that's okay too- just wear your paisley bow tie to work to make all your colleagues jealous! Just think of it as a little gift, from us to you. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 



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