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Gingham Bow Ties Online

Gingham bow ties are exceptionally bold and they make the best statement when you want to draw attention. Offering bold checker designs that come in ebullient, contrasting colours, these men's gingham bow ties are for men who don't mind standing out in the crowd. These superb gingham bowties stem from European origins where were initially designed in France in the 17th century. Their popularity spread across Europe in the proceeding centuries, and now, they enjoy worldwide popularity and recognition across the globe. Our handsome men's bowties are all crafted by hand and tailored to perfection to make sure you have the most luxurious statement piece every time you walk out the door. Just pair your gingham bowtie with a crisp white shirt and a white pocket square to make sure all the attention goes to the crest of your shirt collar. No matter what occasion you have planned, these gingham bow ties are versatile enough to be spruced up for just about any occasion (even if it is just your Monday morning coffee run)! Let their bold checkers and ebullient colours give you something to feel confident about every time you march out the door! 

Buy A Gingham Bowtie | Gingham Bowties For Men

Our expansive range of gingham bowties is the largest in the world, so when it comes to finding the right men's bowtie for your next occasion, we couldn't have made it any simpler for you. Giving you the widest range of checker bow ties all under one roof, this gingham collection is a fruition of thorough detail and planning. The Brothers at OTAA made it their mission to give you a selection of bowties that could be worn to your office meetings during the day and then effortlessly traversed to your social drinks in the evening after work. Because of their relaxed offering of cotton, linen and satin fabrics, these checker bow ties are luxuriously robust and will undoubtedly keep you comfortable in even the most stressful of work environments. Let their supreme attention to detail and immaculate handcrafting gift you a wealth of luxury that few other bow tie designs can provide. Have a browse through our confident palette of red, navy blue, grey, yellow and black designs to find the best gingham bowtie to match your personality! 

Best Gingham Bow Tie | Checker Bowties For Men

Our handcrafted philosophy at OTAA means all of our men's bow ties are top-notch in terms of quality! If you have the chance to try one of our plaid bowties on, you'll be lucky enough to observe the plush feel of the fabric on your skin and the robust silhouettes they create. If you're after a high-quality men's bow tie that won't go over budget, our list of gingham bow ties is definitely your best bet! So choose from our luxurious selection of linen and cotton gingham bowties to find a design that's heavenly plush and well structured to maintain the most enviable silhouettes. Having been designed in-house and tailored to perfection from our divine cotton and linen materials, these gingham bowties for men are undoubtedly suited for men of sophisticated tastes. Let their bold outlook and eye-catching appearance gift your wardrobe a statement piece that will last you years into the future. Because these checker bow ties are so attention-grabbing, they're best paired with a white pocket square for the most refined take. Have a look through our wide range of gingham bow ties and find the best patterned design to make a grand statement at your next formal evening. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA. 



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