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Lilac Bow Ties


Lilac Bow Ties Online

Dazzle with elegance at your next formal evening with the soft features of our men's lilac bowties online. Superbly finessed with a gentle purple shade, these lavender bow ties are your best resource to achieve a chic look at weddings and formal events. Ranging from simple, solid designs to sophisticated florals, this lilac bow tie collection is the most versatile selection you'll ever get to choose from. The gentle, pale violet tone of these lavender bowties is a timeless statement that men have adapted for centuries and now they've been adapted to suit the needs of the modern man. Providing a luxurious centrepiece as part of your tailored suits, these lilac bowties are the best way to scrub up to maximum sophistication. Let our generous offering of matte and sheen fabrics gift you the most excellent opportunity to find the perfect purple bow tie for your next occasion. 


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We understand that you're looking for a bow tie that's equal in quality and style. The Brothers at OTAA firmly believe there's no point in designing a handsome bow tie if it isn't going to last you years into the future. That's why all of these sumptuous purple bow ties are intricately handwoven and tailored with maximum care to ensure you can step out in confidence every time you wear them. Offering the most decadent selection of satin, linen, cotton and microfibre fabrics, this lilac bow tie collection offers designs ranging from incredibly smooth and sheen to intricately textured and robust- it's all up to depending on what suits you best! Having been designed by the Brothers at OTAA in-house and superbly handcrafted from the most plush range of fabrics, there's no doubt your new lilac bow tie will give you a high-quality asset to add to your wardrobe. Just whip on a deep navy suit and pair it with a white pocket square and silver cufflinks to achieve the most elegant take.


Best Lilac Bowties | Best Purple Bowties

The Brothers at OTAA pride themselves on creating the highest quality bowties and the most affordable prices. Offering you a luxurious selection of chic lilac bowties that have been handcrafted to perfection, it's not a far stretch to call these bow ties the best range of lavender bowties online. They come in a unique offering of shades ranging from pale violet to royal purple and they offer some of the best designs in OTAA's repertoire. The unique floral lilac bowties have been impeccably designed in-house and showcase some of the most intricate detailing in OTAA's entire online store. Our clean and simple solid purple designs offer a marvellous showcasing of the art of subtlety. The plain lilac bowties are superbly minimalist in order to draw your attention to the impeccable silhouette and drape of the fabric. All of these lustrous lilac pre-tied bowties are stitched by hand and meticulously tailored so that they achieve the most structured aesthetic whenever you put them on. So now when you need to dress up for your next formal evening (or you just want to impress your colleagues in the office), our handsome selection of lavender bow ties will help you make a lasting impression. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA. 





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