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Animal Bow Ties Online

If you want to unleash your wild side at your next occasion, an animal bow tie by OTAA will undoubtedly make a dashing statement! Animal bowties are the best way to inject a bit of life into your mundane outfits and tell the world that you're a fun kind of guy who likes to get wild on the weekends! This frivolous collection is full of fun bowties that make excellent conversation pieces when you walk through the door. Have a browse through our range of amphibians, reptiles and little fluffy guys to find the best animal bowtie to match your personality! Our fun collection of wild animal bow ties is best suited for men who don't mind standing out in the crowd. If you like to stand head and shoulders above everyone else in the style department, our T-Rex Tie will definitely do the trick. Our unique selection will undoubtedly draw attention and showcase to the world that you like to have a bit of fun! 


Buy Animal Bowties | Animal Bow Tie for Men 

Buy an animal bowtie online from the largest range of animal designs in the world. The Brothers at OTAA threw everything at this collection to make sure that no animal was left out (okay, well maybe just a few). This eclectic range of funky bowties will give you something to squark about every time you step out the door. Our fun animal designs range from the largest big cats to the smallest of birds to give you something that matches your personality and style every time you want to get suited up to perfection. However there's no need to worry, these animal bowties are sophisticated enough to wear to the boardroom without your boss getting angry! If you want to make a bold statement in your meetings, just wear our lion bow tie to show everyone who's boss. These animal bow ties can be superbly worn to your wild parties in the evening and then spruced up for your early bird Mondays in the office! Now that's something to make a splash about! 


Best Animal Bow Ties | Animal Bowties Online 

It's no secret this animal bowtie collection is the best in the world- it offers the largest range of funky designs at the most affordable prices. However, the Brothers at OTAA don't believe in superficial design. That's why these animal bow ties are stitched by hand and crafted from the most sumptuous collection of blue microfibre and burgundy fabrics. Let our signature diagonal lining gift you an enhanced level of texture that will adorn your suits with utmost refinement. So no matter what occasion you need it for, whether it be a wedding; a party or your wild hikes in the jungle, these animal bowties will make a sophisticated statement every place you wear them to! Choose from our bold range of colours and designs to find the best men's bowtie that will dazzle at your next occasion. Just pair them with a clean white pocket square to achieve the most sophisticated take. Designed exclusively by the Brothers at OTAA. 





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