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If you want to make a sophisticated statement at your next formal event, a floral bow tie will do the trick and add an extra hint of personality. Floral bowties are superbly eye-catching and they make a marvellous statement about its wearer- they show that you're confident, contemporary and know how to finish off an outfit with finesse. Ranging from sophisticated blues, vintage browns to confident reds, these floral bowties online are the best way to imbue a wealth of personality into your tailored looks. Whether you're a roses kind of guy or you generally prefer flowers, these floral bowties are the best way to showcase who you are on the outside of your suit. So have a browse through our extensive range of floral bowties online and find the perfect bowtie design to suit your styling needs. These floral bow ties make an elegant statement at Summer weddings and will bode superbly at any outdoor event. However, if you just want to spruce up your office routine with a bit of luxury, our floral bow ties will make an excellent statement in the boardroom.  

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Our range of flower bowties are the most comprehensive in the world! If you've ever wanted a floral bow tie that's stylish and luxurious all in one, you've definitely come to the right place. Choose from the most expansive range of floral bowties in the world and find the perfect flower design that suits the occasion you're wearing it to. Our massive collection of floral bowties offers every colour under the sun so you'll definitely be spoilt for choice when choosing the right one. Our floral bow ties come in traditional formal colours such as blacks and navy blues as well as outlandish aquas and pinks so you can choose to make whatever statement you want. Browse through our huge online range and observe the excellent silhouettes of our men's bow ties. They're all handcrafted from a plush cotton fabric and superbly stitched with meticulous attention to detail. This means whenever you put your floral bow tie on, you'll be met with a supreme sense of luxury that will top off your suits with sophistication. However, these flower bow ties don't just suit formal occasions, you can wear them on the weekend with some chinos in order to give them a more casual take. 

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Intricately handcrafted to absolute perfection, there's a reason these floral bow ties have been labelled the best in the world. They're superbly hand stitched from a pure cotton cloth and they're expertly tailored to give you a favourable silhouette. All of the flower bow ties in this collection have been met with the same level commitment in terms of design, tailoring and craftsmanship. The Brothers at OTAA have worked long and hard to ensure these online men's bow ties are met with a high sense of quality as well as style. There's no point in buying a contemporary floral bowtie if it isn't going to last you years into the future. So wear your new floral bow tie out to your friend's wedding on the weekend and then recycle it for your Monday meetings in the office- it really is as versatile and durable as they come! To give your floral bow tie a fresh perspective, pair it with a solid pocket square to make sure all the attention goes to your bow tie! And if you want to make a maximum statement of luxury, pair it with some silver cufflinks to achieve the most luxurious take. Designed exclusively by The Brothers at OTAA.